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Essential Fly Tying Techniques

Compact Disc Edition with embedded video.

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The compact disc version of what has been described as the "World's most innovative fly tying instruction manual". This eBook version provides instant access to an exceptional array of fly tying techniques. Supported by text, detailed full colour diagrams and embedded video clips illustrating both the techiques and the complete flies discussed. With embedded video content the CD verson this book provides the reader with real time instructional video whilst reading through the text and graphic details.

80+ colour diagrams
30+ video links
24+ key fly tying techniques
14 complete flies from start to finish
Essential entomology guide
Hook selection guide
Essential fly tying tools
and more...
No matter that you are a novice or already accomplished at the vice, this book will teach you something making your time at the vice and on the water, more fun and more productive.