Tim Rolston's "Essential Fly Tying Techniques"
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Description: The totally innovative "Essential Fly Tying Techniques" book is available either on disc with embedded video content or for instant download with links to the video. The book provides all the key techniques for tying myriad fly patterns. Includes over 80 full colour detailed graphics, links to 35 video clips of techniques and complete flies as well as the tying instructions for 14 killer patterns.
Extended Description: An easily downloadable version of what has been described as the World's most innovative fly tying instruction manual". This eBook version provides instant access to an exceptional array of fly tying techniques. Supported by text, detailed full colour diagrams and links to video clips illustrating both the techiques and the complete flies discussed. By providing only links instead of embedded video content as in the CD verson this book is available for instant download to anyone anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

80+ colour diagrams
30+ video links
24+ key fly tying techniques
14 complete flies from start to finish
Essential entomology guide
Hook selection guide
Essential fly tying tools
and more...
No matter that you are a novice or already accomplished at the vice, this book will teach you something making your time at the vice and on the water, more fun and more productive.

Sample images from Essential Fly Tying Techniques.

Reviews for Essential Fly Tying Techniques.
Many years ago I had the good fortune of being guided by Tim and also attending his weekly fly-tying sessions.The many things I learned then have been put into practice ever since.
This eBook is well written, very informative and easy to follow. The video links are an excellent way of illustrating the topics being covered. Both newcomers to the sport and more experienced fly-tyers will benefit greatly from this book which contains a myriad of tips and techniques which will improve the reader's own tying methods.
I highly recommend it and look forward to reading his other publications. Robin Gilbert, Germany/UK *****

I started fly tying with this book. After Tim guided me to South African streams and whitnessed my poor casting style he gave me the book "Learn to Fly-cast in a weekend" which made it very easy for me to improve my casting. As I also wanted to tie my own flies I started learning to tie with his book. I got two other books from friends, but they are both not to compare with this one. With easy steps I learned tying good effective flies within a short time. I have tested them on various rivers and they work well! Great book, thank you Tim. Stefan Schmit, Germany..*****

Excellent production. Something I will keep coming back to. Great tips to beat those common faults / difficulties. Jonathan Myers, Australia. *****
Here at Soo North Fly Shop we give young people Free Fly Tying Lessons during our open hours the problem we have or had was if we had to stop to serve customers the kids had to wait leaving them DUMBFOUNDED, Essential Fly Tying Techniques has been a great HIT the kids now come in and read Essential Fly Tying Techniques on the computer thats on the fly tying desk on thier own and have commented that its very easy to follow.The older kids who tye more often and used Essential Fly Tying Techniques have become better fly tyers.
Thank You Essential Fly Tying Techniques for making fly tying alot easier. Soo North Fly Shop, USA... *****
In the short period I've been trying to tie flies I have accumulated a number of books on fly tying techniques for the beginner. None of them come close to comparing with Tim's Essential Fly Tying Techniques.

The instructions make for easy and coherent reading. The graphic illustrations are superb. But it's the videos I find the most illuminating. Having them on tap so that you can replay them over and over is like having your very own private fly tying expert in your home! To me, having visual demonstrations is the best way to learn.

Thank you again Tim Rolston. I highly recommend Essential Fly Tying Techniques!!
Some amazingly simple techniques that make ALL the difference to things that I have been battling with for ages e.g. tying posts are now so much less messy and complicated. Drew Kennedy, South Africa... *****


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