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Welcome to the home
of great Fly Fishing Guiding
in the Western Cape.
South Africa has some
fantastic fly fishing opportunities.
None better than the crystal clear, catch and release waters of the Limietberg Reserve.

South African Team Member, World Championship Competitor, Fly Fishing Author, Journalist and Casting Instructor
can show you some of the very best and most taxing fly fishing in the country.
Inkwazi Fly Fishing


Is there a closed season on your waters?

The river season is open from Sept to May inclusive, the fishing at either exteme is more subject to vagaries of weather but good fishing can be had throughout.

Is there a limit to the numbers of anglers you can accommodate?

The rules only permit two anglers on a beat, however for larger parties we bring in additional guides given sufficient warning.

What options do I have?

You can select the type of terrain you would prefer to fish based on fitness levels as well as whether you would like "tutorial" or "Standard" guiding.

What is tutorial guiding?

When we are guiding the guide normally doesn't fish at least without invitation. However for those wishing to learn more instead of just being guided tutorial guiding focuses on your technique, the behaviour of the fish, the food forms etc and isn't just about catching fish but about learning. Your guide may fish to demostrate certain aspects of the fishing and will spend more time on showing you details on stream, from trout behaviour to technique. We mostly do tutorial guiding for those wishing to improve their fishing as opposed simply to wishing to enjoy the day fishing.

Why doesn't the guide fish?

We believe that for the most part you are the client and you are paying for the day, the guide is there to be at your shoulder and assist you with setting up your tackle, finding fish, selecting suitable flies and generally assiting you. You may invite your guide to fish on occasion, this isn't a bad idea as you may learn a lot from watching him but he won't fish for more than a few minutes even then, It is your day.

Do you provide waders?

No , the waters are rarely cold enough to require waders, and local anglers never wear them in the stream. It is also impossible for us to carry all the various sizes of waders or boots but you are unlikely to need waterproof waders.

What about footwear?

You are recommended to bring footwear suitable to wet wading over a boulderstrewn stream. Best case scenario you bring wading boots with felt or Aquastealth soles with you. At a push for a single day, hiking boots or even tennis shoes will do. But they are not as comfortable nor do they offer really adequate grip on the rocks.

Are there other recommendation wrt clothing?

Yes we will not guide people wearing sandals, and we further recommend that you don't wear denims as they are dreadfully uncomfortable when wet.

Do I need to book?

The rivers are devided into specific beats which are booked for your own personal use for the day. To effect such bookings, which apply to local anglers as well, we need to be able to contact the office and confirm your booking before going out. So notice is essential. The required notice may vary from 12 hours or so to several months in advance depending on our schedule.

Can I make arrangements over a weekend?

We can accept bookings over weekends but need to book them in advance, alternatively we can take bookings for later in the week, during a weekend but will be unable to confirm the venue until the office opens on Monday.

Can I bring my own fishing tackle.

Yes you are most welcome but we recommend gear no heavier than AFTMA #3 for most venues. You will only require a floating line for stream fishing.. We will still provide flies, leaders etc and for most visitors the hassle of carrying their own gear isn't worth it..

Are there any other items that I need to provide for myself?

We recommend that in addition to the above you bring:
A hat, Polarized sunglasses, sunblock, insect repellant (not essential, there are no dangerous insects and this is not a malarial zone but you may get bitten by the odd horse fly. A change of clothes for the return trip. A camera ( we usually have our own though and will mail you images if you wish.

Can we pay by credit card?

Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate credit card payments, but you can pay by electronic transfer in advance and we may require a deposit for booking made well in advance.

What if I have other queries?

If you can't find the answers you require here just drop us on line via e mail by clicking this link EMAIL



Crystal clear mountain streams, educated trout, catch and release regulations.

It all makes for some superb fishing.

Add to that the probability that you will be able to fish dry fly much of the time and for most of the season will be able to target visible fish in the clear waters and you have something special.

Late season provides excellent sight fishing with micro patterns, fine tippets and delicate presentations.

We provide all the tackle you require, lunch, permits, transportation and refreshments as well as all consumables, flies, tippets etc

Fishing can be arranged from roadside to high in the mountains depending on your fitness levels and preferences

We select waters based on the season so as to offer the best chance of success on any given day.

Please note the booking is essential.

Make an enquiry.



About Us and Contact Details Visit our Blog at htt://paracaddis.wordpress.com Catch and Release Philosophy and Regulations Cool Downloads Frequently Asked Questions Recommended Flies, Tying Instructions and more Find out more about our full service Guiding