Learn to Fly-Cast in a Weekend. Tim Rolston
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Description: A guide to understanding how fly casting really works and sixteen innnovative exercises to take you from your first tentative steps to mastery of the double haul. The print version of this book has sold over 2500 copies and assisted thousands of anglers to finally master their casting and improve their enjoyment of their fishing. Now updated and available as an eBook.
Extended Description: Tim Rolston, Fly-Fishing Guide, World Championship Competitor, Casting Instructor and author uses unique methods to both describe and teach fly casting. Originally published and sold out in print this book has now been updated and modified into eBook format bringing this pragmatic approach to fly casting to a wider audience.

With an estimated 80% of fly fishermen unhappy with their casting technique and many limited by it to the point of fishing less effectively than they might, this book provides a simple, easy to follow description of what works. Where casting instruction in the past might have led anglers astray and how to master the technique in short order.

A series of sixteen simple to follow exercises adding a new element each time provides the angler with comprehensive and structured means of learning effective technique. No other book uses the methods described here. In short the method works, in fact the author guarantees that it will. Having been used to teach hundreds of anglers to cast more effectively with less effort following the exercises will produce results, literally in a couple of days. No matter that you are a complete novice or an old hand wishing to improve this book is for you.

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Reviews for Learn to Fly-Cast in a Weekend.
I've finished Learn to Flycast in a Weekend and I have to say this book is a must have for every fly fisherman whether you think you're casting is perfect or not. It will help you get rid of all of those bad habits and teach you a new way to better your casts, timing and eventually distance accuracy. if you are a new caster this book is for you. You can have the technique down in four sessions and believe me when I tell you, you won't need any lessons afterwards. A true find and as I said a must have. Werner Moller *****

Once Tim gave me his book my casting was poor and in great need of improvement. Since I started to seriously work the exercises in his book my casting gets better and better. The great thing about this book is, that I feel improvement with each step I take. The book immediately shows me where my difficulties are and I am able to correct them in a short time. Which is usually the trouble with self teaching books, that they don't. So this book definitely makes my casting better and so I recommend it to anyone who wants to be a better caster, beginner or intermediate...Stefan Schmid Germany.
.. Star Rating ****

So I took up Tim's challenge to teach a non-caster using his book and not my own ideas :). The experiment started with me reading the book and then putting my 12 year old through the exercises using a 2/3wt setup. After 30 minutes he had the basics down and after 2 hours the whip cracking sounds during his casting had disappeared. We are now up to Exercise 10 and my wife has decided to attempt to learn as well. (and she doesn't even like the great outdoors:) The only downside is that I now have to buy more Fly fishing equipment that I haven't budgeted for. Admittedly, it took longer than a weekend as the attention span of children has to be allowed for.

I wish this book had been around 10 years ago when I started teaching myself to cast. It would have saved me months of frustration. Great work Tim. -Garnet Prince


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